History of Javascript

The year was 1995 and website design was beginning to gain traction as developers were gaining experience. During this time Windows had released their coveted Windows 95 Operating System and Netscape Navigator had released a 2.0 version which offered more capabilities in regards to the way websites could be created.It was also during this time that Netscape developer Brendan Eich wanted to created a language that would allow web designers to add a lot more interactivity for the websites that they created. Enter Javascript which was created to do just that. Throughout this article, Javascript start and beginning applications on websites will be explained especially the ensuing war between Netscape and Internet Explorer in leveraging its features to be a superior browser of the time which would influence Web Design Malaysia today.

Sun Systems began development in 1990 when it created Java, the predecessor language to Javascript which worked as an object oriented  language which according to the was used for ‘smart appliances’ which could mean that the language was supposedly made in hopes of future websites and browsers. Netscape saw the creation of the language and was also looking for an edge to be in the forefront of browser territory. They began working together with Sun systems in order to share market interests by giving Sun a powerful browser and Netscape an advantage compared to their competitor which would be Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Thus the Javascript was created which allowed users to create interactivity for users to place on their websites.