Where the meat comes from?

Have you ever wondered where the meat you eat every day comes from? Have you ever been worried about the meat’s quality? Either it is dead meat or not…

Lots of people do care about it, that is why the quality of pork, chicken and beef you often bought from the grocery store or from the wholesaler can vary so widely.

Consumer nowadays are getting more and more, so never ever have that mindset of losing a few customers because you will never know how word of mouth and things can spread easily and it can happen at any time.

Consistent is the main priority with all these shifts of consumer preferences.

One of the reasons to simplify this is, it is actually pretty easy to get meat at the market from cheap to expensive, and most of the people’s priority concerns are not about how the animals were treated, which is the meat that we bought from the market or wholesaler.

We can see nowadays there are so many of the meat have been replaced by “vegetarian” type of meat instead of the real meat originally from the real animal body.

It will charge slightly higher price just to raise the animals humanely.

Farmers that really concerned about the animal welfare will be required to spend more on the food while providing the animals more space in order for them to grow peacefully and healthily, just to make sure the animals grow and bean take care in a good way.

Do not doubt or even worry about how things go, because it is definitely the right thing to do by raising animals with full of tenderness, cares and really putting effort by investing more effort to do that.

Although the meat from factory farms is usually cheaper, price alone isn’t always a reliable indicator how animals were treated, so do not judge things by just the way it appears to you, physically.

In this century, customer would like the marketer to offers more variety about the meat they have intention to purchase on. The Global Animal Partnership (GAP) have found to promote continuously by improving in the welfare of animals raised for food.

The origin of the organization was started by the Whole Foods Markets, it is a natural and organic food grocer, which ultimately target to the customer to understand where their meat came from. Eventually, the Whole Foods recognized that an independent organization could have a greater impact than a single grocery chain, and GAP was born during this period of time.

In a nutshell, Wholesale Frozen Meat Singapore have high potential to grow and as well as lead the future market, possible expand to global market as well. Nothing is impossible, right?

Plus, another reason such a shift makes sense is the fact that raising animals beef supplier singapore as food is expensive. To produce a pound of animal-based protein requires many more pounds of crops and litres of water than are needed to produce a pound of plant-based protein.

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